palliative care

Having to deal with a progressive, incurable disease can have a profound impact on individuals and their loved ones. Palliative care focuses on lessening the severity of disease symptoms by preventing and relieving suffering and improving the quality of life for those with serious illnesses. Over the past decade, Schervier Nursing Care Center has been awarded more than $600,000 in grant funding to identify and promote best practices in palliative care. Our mission is to enhance each individual’s general well-being at every stage in life’s journey, including the final stage.

Palliative care should begin at the diagnosis of a chronic, progressive and debilitating illness. When a decision is made to place a resident on palliative care, a shift in philosophy and treatment usually occurs. Most residents and their families decide to forego aggressive treatment and opt for comfort care and control of pain.

Family members and significant others are an integral part of the palliative care team and are involved in the resident’s care planning process. They can provide information about the resident’s past interests, wishes, beliefs and values (especially when the resident can no longer do so) and are encouraged to maintain an open dialogue with staff regarding any changes they may notice in the resident’s mood, behavior or physical condition.

When appropriate, our affiliation with Jansen Hospice is there to provide hospice care near the end of life.

Schervier’s Palliative Care Program:

  • is holistic care that affirms life

  • provides comfort and compassionate care

  • recognizes and treats pain

  • enhances functioning

  • respects spiritual preferences and cultural differences

  • supports and works with family/significant other

  • improves quality of life

  • supports patient and family goals for the future

  • addresses physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs

  • provides special diet/favorite food requests

  • provides enhanced visits from social work, pastoral care and recreational therapy

  • supports death with dignity

  • family bereavement support after the resident’s death

Schervier’s Interdisciplinary, Individualized Palliative Care Team Includes:

  • attending physician

  • unit nurse

  • dietitian

  • social worker

  • recreation therapist

  • pastoral caregiver and, if indicated,

  • rehabilitation therapist

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