things to consider when choosing a nursing home

Below is a list of some suggestions when making inquiries into nursing home placement:

• First impressions are important---is the facility clean, cheerful and well lit?

• Are residents dressed in their own clothing? Do they appear clean and

   well groomed?

• Does the facility provide the level of care your loved one requires?

• Are there special care units available if care needs change?

   (i.e. dementia, palliative care, sub-acute care)

• Are there stimulating, age appropriate activities available on a regular basis?

• Does the facility provide services to meet your loved one's spiritual needs?

• Is physical and/or occupational therapy provided if needed?

• Will the facility assist in applying for Medicaid?

• Is there a resident council that meets regularly?

• What hospitals are affiliated with the nursing home?

• Is the food tasty and visually appealing?

• Are special dietary needs met?

• What items are allowed to be brought from home?

• May I hire a private companion?

• What are the visiting hours?

• Are children and pets allowed to visit?

• Will the facility honor and respect your wishes regarding end-of-life care?

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