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Our Bon Secours logo is a fleur-de-lis. The three branches show we are

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The commitment of the Sisters of Bon Secours is the foundation on which we were built.

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In 1824, in Paris, amidst the devastation following the French Revolution, a group of 12 women came together to form the congregation of the Sisters of Bon Secours, French for "Good Help." The sisters' purpose was to nurse the sick and dying in their homes.

Bon Secours in America  

In 1881, the Sisters of Bon Secours arrived in the United States where they continued their work of visiting the poor, the sick and the dying in their homes. Over time, they built a multi-state network of hospitals, long-term care facilities and health care services. All preserved the Bon Secours Catholic tradition of providing quality care, especially to the poor and the sick.

Bon Secours in New York

In 1938, the Frances Schervier Home and Hospital was established in Riverdale, New York, named for Blessed Frances Schervier, the founder of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor. In the 19th century, they left their hometown of Aachen, Germany to help care for the German immigrant population in Cincinnati, Ohio.  As the immigrant population in New York City began to swell, Mother Frances gave her consent for the Franciscan Sisters to found a hospital in lower Manhattan for the sick poor. By 1931, the sheer volume of people seeking their care had outgrown the physical structure, so two years later, the Sisters purchased nine acres in Riverdale and began construction on the present day Schervier Nursing Care Center. In 2000, Schervier’s sponsorship was passed on to the Sisters of Bon Secours, who have a similar history and mission—to carry on the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.  

True to the original mission of a comprehensive healing ministry, Bon Secours New York is active in community outreach health programs and services.

message from leadership

Welcome to Bon Secours New York Health System and Schervier Senior Services!

We are a not-for-profit, Catholic, senior healthcare provider and part of the Bon Secours Health System. Every day we live our mission of giving compassionate care to those we serve and providing Good Help To Those in Need®.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional individual experience of care in all of our communities. We provide services through our successful Center for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, respite for the caregiver, skilled nursing, home care, senior housing, and care for seniors and younger adults in short-term physical rehabilitation and cardio-pulmonary programs.

In these confusing and challenging times in healthcare, we are here to help. Our commitment is to get you or your loved one in the right program, at the right time for the right reasons. In that way, we can truly be Good Help To Those in Need®.

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